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  Areas of Development and Processes

Management and marketing
This area assesses every activity and result that is linked with the Quality Management System, including the assessment of improvement opportunities, as well as possible forays into national and international markets. This allows our business to develop and grow.

This area integrates purchases, human resources, finances, accounting, and administration. Its purview includes controlling requirements from the moment an order is received until it is shipped.

Incoming materials and supplies
This area ensures that the raw materials and supplies used meet the purchasing requirements. To this end, they are inspected upon arrival.

Design, Development, and Planning
This area plans activities, requests for raw materials, and the scheduling of design and/or development projects, as well as transfers and shipping. This includes product traceability through our work methodology, and in accordance with our quality management system.

Through our state-of-the-art machinery, lathes, and CNC mechanized centers, we ensure the diversity and versatility of the high-precision products we offer. Therefore, we can guarantee quality and reliability.

Quality control
This area controls that specs are complied with in every article and product, since its reception to its shipping. This department has measuring tools which are calibrated by accredited laboratories, and used by highly qualified personnel. It is there where we carry out meteorological control of raw materials, supplies, and products.

Superficial treatments
This area performs any treatment necessary after mechanization, as required by each product. Among them, prior cleaning or degreasing, cleaning, polishing, physical, thermal, and chemical treatments, anodizing, blasting, etc.

This is a controlled environment where products are packed in the utmost cleanliness. It is checked by external controls, in accordance to regulations in force. There are stringent requirements for any personnel to come in or out of this sector, and these requirements are only met by highly specialized members of our staff.

Microbiology lab
This area carries out all controls that assess the condition of the controlled environment area and products. This is done through microbiological cultures, endotoxin determination, and other tests. Thus, we verify and ensure that working conditions are up to standard.

In this area we handle, store, package, conserve, and transport supplies, articles, and products (both our own and those of our clients) in order to avoid damage, deterioration, or loss.

Infrastructure and Processes
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New Implant
Mozart 16 Centro Industrial Garín
(1619) Garín, Buenos Aires, Argentina
(+54) (03327) 45 - 4200
(+54) (03327) 41 - 4300
New Implant
Mozart 16 Centro Industrial Garín
(1619) Garín, Buenos Aires, Argentina
(+54) (03327) 45 - 4200
(+54) (03327) 41 - 4300

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Infrastructure and processes
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Areas of Development and Processes

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