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dental implant is a sanitary product which is an artificial substitute of a root of a lost bone. It is usually threaded in shape, and manufactured with biocompatible materials which do not cause a feeling of rejection and allow for its union to the bone. The implant's surface may present different textures and coverings, generally used to increase its adhesion to the bone (osseointegration if it's titanium abd biointegration if it's of ceramic material).

What is Osseointegration?
Osseointegration is the functional, direct, and close connection through time between a bone and an implant.

Which are the necessary tests?
First, there are tests of the general state performed with a simple checkup, and then there are x-rays, such as a panoramic x-rays, a specific CAT-scan for implants. This will allow professionals to see the density, width and height of the bone, so they can choose the right size and position.

Are the teeth placed immediately?
That depends. There is generally a three or four month wait for the implant to integrate to the bone (period during which temporary teeth are used so that the patient's appearance is not compromised).

How many teeth is it possible to replace with implants?
As long as there is bone availability, one can place as many implants are there are teeth missing. This will allow you to transform a mouth with prosthesis into a mouth with fixed crowns.

Are dental implants painful?
Surgery is generally not painful, and the period after surgery will pass completely unnoticed, as there might only be some swelling of the area, which can be quickly reduced with anti-inflammatory and ice, which will allow the patient to resume his normal routine the following day.

What is the treatment specifically?
The treatment comprises: A surgical phase, a prosthetic phase, a maintenance phase

  1. Surgical phase: This refers to the placement of the implant in the bone. 
  2. Prosthetic phase: After placing the implant, it must be uncovered and a work model must be drafted. Afterwards, the lab will make the prosthetic element over the model, which will be fitted at least twice before its definitive placement, so that it fits perfectly and adapts to the shape, size, and color of the rest of the teeth.


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New Implant
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